Fun at the lake


There’s always something fun to do at Hotel California. Whether it’s the beach, the sea or just plain activities that will make your day, we can have everything prepared for you and your family.



Volleyball is one of our visitors favorite sports, highly enjoyable for everyone young or old. Just gather your team on the beach and find the opponents in a matter of minutes. And show what you can do, be a winner!

Enjoy the shore

Table Rock Lake

With the large amount of shoreline that Table Rock Resorts has, make sure to spend a few hours in the evenings to watch the sun set over the beautiful waters of Table Rock Lake.

Enjoy the sea


If you are a big fan of water sports, then why not try the waterskiing or waterboarding? At Table Rock Resorts you can easily rent a boat and the gear needed to get out onto the water and have some fun! Rated as the most fun activity by our visitors.


Enjoy the water

Boat Rides

Enjoy the sun on your face as you race across Table Rock Lake in one of Table Rock Resorts brand-new Bennington Tri-Toons, which have 150HP. Seating up to 14 people, these Tri-Toons make it easy to travel down one side of the lake to the other in an afternoon.

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